Three major ethical theories

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A Summary of the Terms and Types of Ethical Theories

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Care Ethics

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The term is also applied to any system or theory of moral values or principles. How should we live? Shall we aim at happiness or at knowledge, virtue, or the creation of beautiful objects?If we choose happiness, will it be our own or the happiness of all?

Three Major Ethical Theories Words Sep 29th, 4 Pages (A) Business ethics is the critical structured examination of how people and institutions should behave in the world of commerce. Deontological theories: Deontological theories are the category of normative ethical theories.

It is a form of moral philosophy centered on the principles of eighteenth century philosopher Immanuel Kant. Week Three. Three Ethical Theories.

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Suppose, for the moment, that we have decided moral objectivism is true. (See notes from week one for a reminder about what objectivism is.) All this means is that we think there are some objective moral facts.

We still need to figure out what those facts are. Each theory emphasizes different points such as predicting the outcome and following one's duties to others in order to reach an ethically correct decision.

There are three main kinds of ethical theory; deontology, utilitarianism and virtue ethics. This research investigated the link between ethical leadership and performance using data from the People’s Republic of China. Consistent with social exchange, social learning, and social identity theories, we examined leader–member exchange (LMX), self-efficacy, and organizational identification as mediators of the ethical leadership to performance relationship.

Three major ethical theories
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