Questionnaire on hospital turnover rate

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Staff Turnover Top Concern for Healthcare Recruiters

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Survey Software

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time of period and decrease the rate of employee turnover. The main research objective is to find out the correlation between job satisfaction and employee turnover intention in private hospital in Erbil.

Working conditions in public hospitals have been of great concern to health care personnel worldwide. However, from an international perspective, there is no evidence of literature review that has been conducted on this important topic.

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of aldosterone antagonist therapy in reducing cardiovascular mortality, aborted cardiac arrest, and heart failure hospitalization in patients who have heart failure with preserved systolic function.

Background: Nurses’ job satisfaction and job stress are important issues regarding their turnovers. While there are some recent descriptive studies on job satisfaction in public hospitals, very limited research was found on this topic in private hospital setting.

Questionnaire on hospital turnover rate
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