Palace on wheels

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Look foward to find him to The Puppy Palace again then. Jaipur is a profession like no other in the world. I would never look to go any where else. Accept of vertical third water mill. Thanks Anita for all you do for our previous puppy. Official website of Palace On Wheels (GSA) for booking luxury train India & Get The royal experience onboard exploring most beautiful heritage & culture of Rajasthan.

Palace on Wheels Price. Among all of the luxury trains in India, the Palace on Wheels is the first choice when it comes to luxury train travel.

While it tours the most sought after tourist destinations of offers world class modern facilities to its guests onboard – with a royal touch. All of these at a reasonable price of USD *. Palace on Wheels price is charged as per the.

Book your tickets directly at best rates guaranteed online from the agents of operators of most luxurious trains in the world across India and Europe. Be it the Royal Rajasthan covering the Taj Mahal, Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer and the tigers of Ranthambore or luxurious trains in Spain.

Palace on Wheels

The name "Palace-on-Wheels" (POW) was derived from its royal back-ground of the coaches & first introduced in A new meter gauge air conditioned Palace-on-Wheels was introduced in & had 13 Saloons, 2 Restaurant cum Kitchen car, one Bar cum Lounge and 4 Service Cars.

The City Palace in Jaipur is spread out over a series of courtyards, founded in by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II as part of his ambitious city project.


The Palace on Wheels features state-of-the-art amenities and en-suite facilities. Each guest carriage is a replica of an original private salon of erstwhile Maharajas, Nizams and Viceroys of India. Guest cabins provide a calm, personal space where guests may read, relax or simply watch the landscape spool by through the panoramic windows.

Palace on wheels
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Palace on Wheels – India Luxury Trains