Life of hazrat asma bin abu

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Asmā' bint Abi Bakr

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What did the daughter of Abu Bakr R.A tell her son when he was about to die?

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Asma’ Bint Abu Bakr

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The Story of Asma bint Abu Bakr

Eventually her parents divorced because Abu Bakr became a Muslim. Asma later followed in her father’s footsteps and was the 18th person to accept Islam. Asma radhiallahu anhaa was amongst the early few who accepted Islam and accordingly, was amongst the Al-Sabiqoon.

She was the daughter of Abu Bakr Al-Siddique (ra), the wife of Zubair bin Awwam (one of the ten Sahabi guaranteed Paradise by Rasulullah (saw)), and the mother of Abdullah bin Zubair (ra). Asma-bint Abu Bakr (raa) was the daughter of Abu Bakr (raa), mother of Abdullah bin Zubair (raa) and the step-sister of Aisha (raa).

She is one of the most famous women of her time. She was the eighteenth person to embrace Islam. Life of Hazrat Asma Bin Abu Bakar Essay Asmaa bint Abu Bakr belonged to a distinguished Muslim family.

Her father, Abu Bakr, was a close friend of the Prophet and the first Khalifah after his death. May 07,  · Hazrat Abu Bakr Ki Beti Hazrat Asma Bin Ka Rula Dene Wala Waqia By Hazrat Mohammad Ajmal Raza Qadri.

Important Figures: Asma bint Abi Bakr

For More Bayan Click This Link & Subscribe YouTube Channel. Asmaa bint Abu Bakr belonged to a distinguished Muslim family. Her father, Abu Bakr, was a close friend of the Prophet and the first Khalifah after his death. Her halfsister, Aishah, was a wife of the Prophet and one of the Ummahat al-Mumineen.

Life of hazrat asma bin abu
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