Ip telephony

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IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony)

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Voice over IP

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IP Telephony

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Is there a difference between VoIP and IP telephony?

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The two-way transmission of voice over a packet-switched IP network, which is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

The terms "IP telephony" and "voice over IP" (VoIP) are synonymous. IP telephony and VoIP are often confused with each other and used interchangeably. Series IP Phones. Cut costs with affordable HD video phones for your entire organization. Superior audio provides crystal-clear VoIP. Give employees more flexibility with.

Series IP Phones. Provide a value-oriented, basic VoIP call experience for settings such as lobbies, guest rooms, elevator bays, and conference centers. Phones are earth-friendly with IEEE Class 1 rating for low power consumption, and support both desk and wall-mount deployment. Telephony is, simply put, the technology that allows individuals to communicate with each other over a distance, and IP telephony is that aspect of communication that is carried out over the internet.

Most people, including consumers and those in the media, use the terms voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and IP telephony (IPT) interchangeably, equating one to the other. VoIP, however, is really just a subset of IP Telephony. The difference between the two terms is so subtle, however, that they're widely understood to mean the same.

Ip telephony
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