Global trends in hospitality

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2018 Global Wellness Trends

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Hotel Trends for 2017

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The Global Hotel Industry and Trends for 2016

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The most important perks among travellers who had in the TripBarometer survey were not Wi-fi an absolute mustdress breakfast and free writing or shuttle service. HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates creates inspired, brand-strengthening design experiences that evoke a distinct sense of place, while delighting the world's most discriminating travelers.

Around the globe, HBA design consultants consistently set new standards for luxury, comfort and innovation in hospitality interior design. HBA. Tourism Trends to watch in The coming year is set to be a fascinating one for global tourism.

In common with all businesses, tourism professionals will see how the new Trump Administration in the USA will impact on world trade and international business. Likewise, east London hotspot the Town Hall Hotel is planning to host a rotating list of global mixologists at their award-winning cocktail bar Peg + Patriot, alongside their existing ‘bed and.

As the calendar year races to a close forI thought I'd recap on the changes in the global hospitality industry and look ahead to where will take us. Trends in Hospitality keep changing with time and in this article, we will discuss the top trends of the hospitality industry in Organic food to Gluten free diet.

From e-platforms to wellness spas; all are trendsetters in the hospitality industry. Seize the opportunity to become immersed in hospitality and tourism, the largest service industry in the world, by capitalizing on your passion for helping others.

CSU-Global’s Hospitality and Tourism Management specialization benefits students in any field by teaching them the skills they need to cultivate dynamic client relationships.

Global trends in hospitality
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