Freeze exim

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Freeze all emails caught by the EXIM filter instead of deleting?

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Note: You must have the "# Exim filter" line at the top of your system filter file.

exim freeze mails from cpanel user

You can store the above Exim system filter anywhere, but I chose to put it in the same location as my file (/etc/exim/). Posts about Exim written by Renjith Raju.

Revived US Exim to enter newly competitive environment

Print a count of the messages in the queue: exim -bpc ~~~~~ Print a listing of the messages in the queue (time queued, size, message-id, sender, recipient).

Save the config file. Now create the file /etc/exim/freezelist_sender_addresses and place all your sender addresses which need to be frozen into this file, one address per line. Make sure you set the correct permissions on this file so that Exim can read it.

Oct 10,  · freeze mails from sender exiqgrep -i -f (MAIL ADDRESS HERE) | xargs exim -Mf Print a summary of messages in the queue (count, volume, oldest, newest, domain, and totals).

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I'm really trying to give Exim an honest go but I may have to switch completely back to qmail since it just worked and was really easy to use.

Anyway thanks for any pointers!

Freeze exim
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Revived US Exim to enter newly competitive environment