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InKarl Benz excited the Victoriaa two-passenger moralistic with a 2. German inventor Carl Benz () is one of the many individuals given credit for the creation of the first automobile. In he invented the motorized tricycle, which became the first "horseless carriage" to be driven by an internal combustion engine.

Accepted as the inventor of the motor car Karl Benz first unveiled his Benz 3-wheeler in at Mannheim.

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(Germany) The vehicle was powered by a water cooled gas engine that was driven by the vapour of ligroin, or benzine. The CBS Summer School provides a great experience for engineering-oriented students of all nationalities.

Carl Benz School of Engineering

The activities are well planned to keep students fully engaged during the day – it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Carl-Benz-Stadion. 0 references. Identifiers.

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Carl Lawrence Betz (March 9, – January 18, ) was an American stage, film, and television actor. He appeared in a variety of television series, including the CBS soap opera Love of Life; however, he is best remembered for playing Donna Reed's television husband, Dr.

Alex Stone, from to in the ABC sitcom The Donna Reed between andBetz played defense. Karl Benz was completely dedicated to the proposition that the internal-combustion engine would supersede the horse and revolutionize the world’s transportation.

He persisted in his efforts to build a gasoline-fueled vehicle in the face of many obstacles, including lack of money to the.

Carl benz
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