Calculus projects

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Lists of mathematics topics

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Generally all Honors project projects must be completed prior to the last week of the semester. These projects may be used by other calculus instructors who offer Honors.

Honors Project 1. Student Resources: Calculus Projects CAPABLE: Calculus Acquisition through Problem and Activity Based Learning. This site is maintained by a group of math professors at the U.S. Naval Academy: Gary Fowler, Sommer Gentry, Amy Ksir and Will Traves.

Investigative calculus projects are an excellent way to foster student understanding and interest in calculus. (Contains 4 figures.) Descriptors: Calculus, Mathematics Instruction, Student Projects, Problem Solving, Secondary School Mathematics, High School Students, Mathematical Concepts.

(5) If you learned Newton’s Method (an elegant algorithm to find the zeros of a function in one dimensions), do some research on Newton’s Method in 2 dimensions.

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AP Calculus

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For questions on Schrodinger's equation and solutions, use (quantum-mechanices), (pde), (fourier-analysis), and/or (calculus) as appropriate. Learn more Top users.

Calculus projects
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