Andrew carnegie a captain of industry

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Andrew Carnegie

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During the Different Warwhen Scott was known assistant secretary of war in charge of information, Carnegie went to Washington to act as Hi's right-hand man and to organize the key telegraph system. Jan 21,  · Captain of Industry: Carnegie set a model for big business and industry as an early and enthusiastic adopter of new technologies.

This established the model on which Carnegie Status: Resolved. Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie, a self-made steel tycoon and one of the wealthiest 19th century U.S.

businessmen, donated towards the expansion of the New York Public Library. Carnegie, Andrew Andrew Carnegie. Rare Book and Special Collections Division/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. In Carnegie’s vast holdings were consolidated into the Carnegie Steel Company, a limited partnership that henceforth dominated the American steel industry.

America wasn't discovered, it was built by a group of business-savvy, innovative young men: John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.P.

Morgan and Thomas Edison. Andrew Carnegie was the great, necessary, and by turns, beloved and feared agent of this progress. Carnegie owned the greatest lubricant of society: not just steel, Bessemer Steel. It was easier to work, stronger, corrosion resistant and it was everything.

Andrew Carnegie

The way Carnegie ran his business, donated his money, and worked hard to try and make the world a better place prove that he was a true captain of industry.

Andrew Carnegie's management of his company showed he was a captain of industry.

Andrew carnegie a captain of industry
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